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MASTER CLASS: The hottest cloud-based production tools for 2012

It’s hard to avoid all the hype about the cloud these days. Apple’s launch of iCloud has sparked a huge amount of attention, and companies like Microsoft and Google are aggressively staking their claims in the cloud as well.

Why all the hype? In an otherwise gloomy economy, the emerging cloud computing industry is one of the few bright spots. In fact, it’s the fastest growing industry in the world today – ahead of others like biotech, solar energy, and even video games.

While much of the attention may be focused on big players like Apple and Google, there’s also a quieter revolution that’s happening in Hollywood – and it’s profoundly changing the way that films and TV shows are being made.

The Producers Guild of America recently invited the three leading cloud production platforms – Scenios, LightSpeedEPS, and 5thKind – to demo their technologies in front of an audience at Mentor Studios in LA. The CEO of each company gave a “master class” in their technology, and showed it live in action. Watch each class below, and form your own opinion about which you like best.

Let us know your thoughts in the Comments section below!

PART 1: Welcome and introductions (Todd Grodnick, Producers Guild of America)

PART 2:” Mark Davis (CEO of Scenios) gives a real-time demo of Scenios’ cloud-based “Virtual Production Office”:

PART 3: Jim Fitzgerald (CEO of LightSpeedEPS), gives an overview and demo of his company’s production management platform:

PART 4: Steve Cronan (CEO of 5th Kind) demonstrates his company’s DAM-centric platform:

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